Leveraging Human Science to Modernize Big Science


The Maunakea / Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) controversy in Hawaii has dramatized the need to modernize and decolonize Big Science and the public sector by leveraging human science, in particular expertise from cultural anthropology and the digital humanities. This study would use TMT as a case study to explore how megaprojects can improve collaborative efforts with local, public sector, and indigenous stakeholders / rightsholders .​

This is a crowdsourced study, which means you are invited to complete the screener below if you are reading this. It should only take about 1 minute.

Because of the relevance of this issue to Native Hawaiians, Hawaii residents, and scientists, we hope to have particularly strong representation from these diverse communities.

This study will only be pursued if there is significant interest from communities impacted by the TMT Project. Participation would span Hawaiian, Spanish, and scientific communities. This project is unaffiliated with any organizations involved in the current Maunakea / TMT controversy.

After completing the screener below, please share it with people who would be interested and join the ongoing discussion about this video and next steps for this project on Mindshare.

This project is a collaboration with the Human Science Task Force.