Booking Calls with Public Intellectuals

Through Expert Profiles:

  • If you find an expert who you would like to talk with, tap the “Request a Video Call” button at the top of their profile. Mindshare accommodates 1:1 or small group calls.


  • Experts charge based on the time each private call requires without regard for the number of people on a call. Customers can split the cost of an expert’s fee for small group calls. If an expert cannot accept a call request, it’s likely because of potential conflicts of interest or time constraints.


  • We don’t disclose any personally identifiable information like the names of people who request private calls. This is to allow customers to feel comfortable asking the expert anything, including questions they think may be naive or discussing details that require anonymity.


  • Be sure to describe the purpose of the requested call for the expert, since they err on the side of caution whenever there is a possible conflict of interest or compliance issue.


  • Although Mindshare keeps the names of people who request private calls confidential, customers can introduce themselves by name when anonymity is unnecessary. Mindshare will disclose the names and, if applicable, publications of those who request journalistic interviews or public calls so that experts can fully evaluate opportunities.


  • Customers can offer more money than an expert’s stated rate based on how the call will be used and whether there will be a public audience. If no rate is listed and the customer is requesting a paid call, they can enter any reasonable amount when submitting the request form.


  • If a request is accepted, customers will receive a link to book the call by selecting the day and time for the call will take place, from options offered by the expert, and submitting their credit or debit card payment information.


  • Payments are kept in escrow until 12 hours following a call. We monitor calls for quality and disperse the funds to the expert after this time, subtracting the processing fee and the amount selected by the expert as our tip / referral fee. If an interview is cancelled and can’t be rescheduled for some reason, the amount paid by the customer will be refunded. Refunds take up to 5 business days to process, depending on their financial institution.


  • Processing fees are: 2.9% of the transaction amount + 30 cents ($0.30)


  • Experts tip based on the value of our service to them. For reference, traditional expert / speaker networks take a 30-50% commission. While we are operating on tips during private beta testing, we hope this approach is sustainable and will become permanent. If and when this happens, we will incentivize tipping in meaningful ways.

Through the Contact Form:

  • If you are looking for experts to interview and need some help finding them, you can send a description of what you are looking for through the contact form on If we have experts in our network who are the best possible fit, we will respond with a list of those who have indicated they would be able to accept an interview request along with links to their public profiles.

  • For individual interviews, customers can submit requests from expert profiles and follow the directions above. For experts without public profiles, we will provide a summary about each person’s work and expertise. For multiple interviews, such for larger research projects, we will schedule a conference call to work out the details with the customer. If this applies to your request, please indicate this in your initial message and provide a phone number to use to contact you.


  • Mindshare’s video call feature is in private beta, so we currently use it for larger projects that meet specific technical requirements alongside a third party product for smaller projects and free journalistic interviews.

  • For specified calls, Mindshare offers analysis of voice to text interview transcripts through natural language processing to help customers discover insightful quotes and discover relevant experts from the network based on content they’ve made publicly available.

  • Because of the resources required for the Mindshare video webapp and natural language processing features, which are still in development, we reserve them for our most technology intensive projects and active customers.

  • All expert calls are monitored for quality and recorded in 720p. Video recordings are available to customers following calls and can be used according to the terms of the calls. Private conversations must remain confidential and customers can only use them for the purposes described in their initial call request.